About Us

We are passionate about keeping all the residents of Dallas, Texas, in the loop about the benefits of local traveling, learning about the history and heritage of our city, and a whole lot more!

Throughout this blog, we cover various topics with a clear focus on Dallas. People all over the world only know so much about it. Those that have either lived in or visited Dallas have nicknamed it the Big D. After all, it does have a population of over one million people!

Here, at Teia Collier, educating online readers about the finer things in life like sight-seeing, going on adventures, services to aid you while traveling locally or abroad, health, baking, and last but not least, Zsofia’s Fine Lingerie.

Here’s a brief lowdown on what you can expect to see from us:

If you’re an avid reader, online or offline, you will enjoy the Our Resources page dedicated to books that provide insightful information about the history of Dallas, what one can expect to see and do, and the range of cuisine known to Dallas.

For those of you who enjoy baking as a hobby or your line of work, you will find posts about biscuits and such. The posts cover the origin of the baked goodies, the history, the how and who introduced such things to the United States of America.

The travelers out there will most definitely appreciate our posts about the must-see sights in Dallas. As we strive to never forget our roots and heritage, sight-seeing can be an enriching, liberating, and educational experience.

We couldn’t resist talking about one of the largest outdoor adventure resorts in America. West Virginia is home to the Ace Adventure Resort, based in Oak Hill. The post is jam-packed with all things exhilarating and outdoorsy to be enjoyed at this lovely resort.

Finally, we get down to defining specialized places that offer services to the local communities and people from out of town. We touch briefly on an exclusive boutique, Zsofia’s Fine Lingerie. As well as a global online platform, Enterprise Rent-A-Car that offers car rental services for every occasion from road-tripping to corporate business travel.

If you have any suggestions as to any content you would like us to cover in our upcoming blog posts, head on over to our Contact Us page. We will be happy to hear from you and accommodate your requests to the best of our ability!