Global Car Hire Services For Your Traveling Needs

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a global car rental service based in the United Kingdom and recommended if you make a visit to London, just like Apex Luxury Car Hire and many others, however, they operate in over 70 countries including Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East, and the USA.

Car rentals should be hassle-free, affordable, and convenient. This is where Enterprise Rent-A-Car comes in. Founded in 1957 by Jack Taylor, the business began with only seven cars. Today, it is one of the leading car rental companies in the world with a passion for customer care and building a sustainable future for the generations to come.

What Enterprise Rent-A-Car Can Offer You

The company has a range of vehicles to hire based on a customer’s needs and requirements. These vehicles include hybrid cars like SUVs, low-running-cost cars, luxury cars, trucks, and minibuses. The greatest thing of all is that this company can be found in various locations throughout Dallas, Texas. From the airport all the way to downtown Dallas.

Known for their affordable car rental rates, price per day is calculated based on which vehicle you choose to rent and how many days you plan to rent the car for. Estimated rates vary from as little as $35 per day for low-cost cars all the way up to $225 per day for luxury cars (like a Ferrari hire in London).

Not only is the focus on great customer satisfaction, but accommodating customers with disabilities. Provided the branch near you has ample notice of this requirement, they have vehicles equipped with controls like a pedal extender for disabled drivers at no additional cost either!

Preservation Efforts for the Future

Enterprise Rent-A-Car is determined by their efforts in contributing towards reducing their carbon footprint to protect the environment now and in the future. The company has financially invested in scientific research to find and use alternative fuel resources so that fuel efficiency becomes the number one priority for all that make use of transport services.

In 2007, the company established The Enterprise Rent-A-Car Institute for Renewable Fuels. The main focus being developing algae, oilseed crops, and bio-energy grasses so that these can be used as an alternative resource for fuel efficiency at some point in the future.

Besides alternative fuel resource efforts, the company has also been aggressively involved in the preservation of forests and natural woodlands. Partnering with numerous foundations, associations, and other services, the car rental business has vowed to plant 50 million trees within 50 years. So far, they have planted well over six million trees. This includes reforestation projects all over the world.

Make the Right Choice

We all love the way things in our daily lives today are solely based on how convenient it is. However, convenience aside, it’s time to start supporting businesses that have pure intentions of working towards a sustainable future. Not only does this boost their business revenues, but it also marks your contribution to the reduction of the carbon footprint the environment faces today.

There are many benefits that Enterprise Rent-A-Car can guarantee you. Not only do they offer car rentals, but they provide customer support, roadside assistance, and roadworthy vehicles for your traveling needs.

For car hire reservations, call 1-855-266-9289

How Science Proves Traveling is Good for You

Everybody enjoys a little getaway when vacation time comes around. Not only does it bring friends and family together, it also has been scientifically proven that traveling while on vacation is brilliant for your health. Here’s why:

The mental and emotional tension caused by work pressures, psychological issues and time constraints results in an overload of stress that often affects us in different ways like anxiety or a weakening immune system which leaves you susceptible to various illnesses.

The Science Speaks for Itself

Whether you travel abroad or locally for a vacation, you still experience seeing new things, meeting new people, and so much more. This is the kind of experience that scientists have found ignites a creative spark in the brain which then results in many positive things such as the relief of stress. When mental and emotional tensions decrease, sleep patterns improve, and the risk of developing cardiac-related issues decreases significantly.

What Scientific Studies have Proven

Scientists at Alertness Solutions developed a study based on participants well-being before and after taking a vacation. They found that after the participants took a vacation, their sleep patterns improved. There has also been evidence provided by scientists proves that individuals who take annual vacations have an increased health boost and a new level of motivation.

The U.S. Travel Association found in a study based on elderly patients, that those who had traveled extensively throughout their lives had a lower risk of developing dementia later on in the aging process.

What Vacations Can Do For You

Whether you are at the beach or visiting historical landmarks in another country, there are a few things that contribute to the improvement of your mental and emotional health.

Breathing in the clean and fresh air, perhaps when you are hiking through a forest, provides you with an extra burst of energy. Enjoying the sunshine on your skin when you head off to the beach for a day, actually acts as a natural mood elevator.

General relaxation time on vacation such as hiking, skiing, or even meditation has a profound effect on the relief of tension caused by so many things that life throws at us each day.

Things You Can Do to Help You Relax

Take a vacation whenever you get the opportunity. Life can get in the way at the most inconvenient times, yet you also need a timeout. Daily exercising like jogging or yoga is a great stress reliever as general exercise releases endorphins which lead to an elevated mood.

Meditation, whether spiritual or just simply for relaxation, aids in clearing your mind of mental clutter resulting in better and mindful thinking. Breathing techniques, if done correctly, are a very helpful way of calming oneself down naturally. Inhaling and exhaling slowly and deeply sends messages to your brain to relax.

Make the smart choice today to look after your health. Your body needs a healthy you as much as you need a healthy body!

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