West Virginia Ace Adventure Resort Brings Adventure and Fall Fun Together

If you’re on the hunt for an exhilarating escapade, West Virginia has the perfect place for you to find all the adventures you desire. Here, we give you a complete breakdown of Ace Adventure Resort, the largest outdoor adventure resort in the United States of America.

The West Virginia Ace Adventure Resort is located on a sprawling 1500 acre property. Besides the never-ending list of outdoor adventures they have to offer you, they also host a series of annual trail runs, ladies races, obstacle courses, and music festivals.

Accommodation facilities vary according to personal preference. You can choose whether you’d like to stay in a log cabin or chalet as well as having the option to camp under the stars. An added bonus is the ablutions and showers located all over the resort. There is also a shop in the resort that sells camping gear, clothing, footwear, firewood and more.

Some of the Adventures You Can Expect

Zip Lining – if you’ve ever wanted to experience something fun and amazing, zip lining above treetops may just be your thing. Tours happen day and night. A zip-liner’s minimum age requirement is 8 years as well as a certain minimum and maximum weight category required for safety measures.

Hiking – this type of adventure is guided and guarantees spectacular nature and waterfall views.

Horse Riding – in partnership with The Equestrian Center, you can enjoy horseback riding on trails that run alongside rivers and through mountains. If you’re a novice rider, you can still enjoy this activity with a simple pony ride. Those on a romantic adventure getaway also have the option of enjoying a private carriage ride.

Paintball – a simple game of tag or capture the flag with your team of friends or family members. Two packages available at varied prices such as a half day package or two hours of paintball fun. The minimum age requirement for participants is 10 years.

Obstacle Courses – if you’re into overcoming challenges like wading your way through a muddy obstacle course, look no further! A great activity for team building and family fun.

Waterpark – various waterpark pass packages available ranging from Full Day, Half Day, and an Unlimited Pass package for groups. You can look forward to sliding down giant water slides or just floating on an inflatable tube.

Let’s not forget about the food and beverages that the resort has to offer guests at The Lost Paddle. The bar stocks a wide variety of craft beers and delicious cocktails. Chefs of The Lost Paddle cater for the ultimate all-American food experience by providing freshly made calzones, pies, pizza, wings, nachos, burgers, and much more.

Have we managed to convince you that the West Virginia Ace Resort guarantees you all the fun and adventure you’re looking for?

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