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We’re all about spreading the word about where and how Dallas, Texas, was formed. We like to read up on all the information we can get our hands on to keep ourselves educated and to keep the history of Dallas alive for generations to come.

Below, we have listed several books available for purchase on Amazon.com based on various topics such as:

– The history and legacy of JFK

– Culinary experiences

– Things to do in and around Dallas

– A How-To guide on moving to Dallas, Texas

John F. Kennedy Sites in Dallas-Fort Worth

The assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1963 was one of the darkest times for the American nation. The Fort Worth region of Dallas is connected in so many ways to President John F. Kennedy. This book provides in-depth information that depicts the events, documentation, photographs, and places related to that fateful November day.

We have already provided a blog post on the numerous sights that one can see while visiting Dallas. However, the post relates most of the site-seeing to buildings, roads, and monuments that commemorate the legacy of President John F. Kennedy. This includes the location of the Dealey Plaza where the assassination occurred.

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100 Things to Do in Dallas- Fort Worth Before You Die

Whether you’re a local or not, you still want to know what the DFW Metroplex has in store for you. The book is based on years of extensive research into what makes the communities in Dallas tick. The activities range from traditional Dallas tours through galleries and museums, visiting the Fort Worth Stockyards, experiencing local cuisine, and among various other things.

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Moving to Dallas: A Guide for Non-Tourists

Relocating to a new State can be pretty daunting. Naturally, you want to know what’s in store for you when you make the final move. This book covers well-researched information on neighborhoods, the history of Dallas, places to visit for the ultimate culinary experience, property rates, expected costs of utilities, and a whole lot more!

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Becoming knowledgeable about where and what Dallas, Texas was and continues to be in the near future begins with our mental determination to learn and learn some more. Not only will we become educated, but also wiser on how to progress through the rapid development of where we call home – Dallas!